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Rent to own means more South Africans can become a car owner

Many South Africans struggle to buy a car. Either they can’t afford to pay upfront, but most often, their loan application is declined by financial institutions due to a low credit score or being blacklisted. The new rent to own plan is a great way to enter the vehicle buyer’s market, even when financing is not available.

Travel is a necessity, and many South Africans rely on public transport with a reported 68% of local commuters travelling in taxis daily, according to Statistics South Africa. During the pandemic, South Africans are increasingly researching ways to secure safe and reliable transport.

A relatively new service in South Africa, rent to own affords South Africans with access to their own mode of transport. This option only looks at affordability and not credit history meaning that anyone who has always wanted to buy a car but hasn’t been able to secure financing, can now become a car owner.

Unlike your typical rental agreement, rent to own enables individuals to become a car owner within three to four years.

Rent to own lets South Africans rent a car for an agreed period – either 36 or 48 months – before having the opportunity to they? take legal ownership of the vehicle at the end of the period for a fee. This monthly fee is also inclusive of additional costs car owners need to consider – such as annual car license renewals, monthly comprehensive car insurance, and regular car services. This means that those exploring this option can choose a car within their exact budget.

Another rent to own benefit is that individuals have the option to upgrade their car after 18 months, should their needs change and they want to select a different option.

With a fleet of over 70 vehicles available on the rent to own plan, potential car owners can find their perfect car, within their budget, at Kirstenhof Car Hire in Cape Town. The application process is quick, and the approval process from confirmation to driving off in your vehicle takes no more than 48 hours.

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