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Frequently Asked Questions

Kirstenhof Car Hire

Criteria for renting a vehicle

Original and valid Driver's Licence

Credit card, at the time rental for the deposit/authorisation required

ID Document or Passport

Personal details, Full name, email address, residential address and telephone number

Cape Town Address

December/January rental bookings must exceed 14 days

Special Rates apply for December/January rentals(email for a quote)

Driver's License

All renters must hold a valid driver’s license and Identity document/passport in order to rent a vehicle.
We accept valid driver’s license from other countries although international license is preferred.
In the event of the driver having not held a licence for two (2) years or being under 23 years of age, a young driver’s surcharge of R200 will apply.

Deposit (excess)

A deposit is held for insurance purposes in the case of an accident or theft of the vehicle. No money is taken from the renter, only an authorisation is done on their card.
The renter is to receive their deposit back on good return of the vehicle. Deposit ranges from R2500 – R5000

We accept cash deposits for hires longer than 15 days. There will be cash handling fee of R200 charged. The deposit is returned on good return of the vehicle.

All cash deposit hire’s must be paid up in full before the vehicle will be released.

Additional drivers

There is no charge for one extra driver however R200 will be charged for every driver thereafter.
The vehicle may not be driven by anybody other than those that have been named on the contract and a valid copy of their license is left at the office

Refueling Policy

All vehicles are hired out with a full tank of fuel.

You will need to refuel the vehicle at our premises on your return.

We are located at a BP petrol station.

Airport Shuttle and collections

  1. We recommend The Little Taxi Company, Darwin Sawyer @ 073 4671223 or as a very reliable airport shuttle service.
  2. Customers within 10km radius can be picked up and brought to the office to complete paper work at a charge of R150; this can only be done during office hours.

Traffic Offences

Should the renter disobey the traffic regulations which results in a fine, such notice will be directed to the renter and the renter will be charged a R200 admin fee. Any speeding fines of 20km/h or more above the speed limit will be considered as reckless driving and a R750 admin fee will be charged.


Daily Hire period (24 hour)

Daily rates are calculated strictly in cycles of 24 hours, from time of pick up to time of drop off.

The rental may be extended past the original return date for a period agreed to by both parties.

In the event that the car hire period is extended without prior consent from Kirstenhof Car Hire, Kirstenhof Car Hire will have to consider this a breach of Terms and Conditions and the vehicles will no longer be covered.

Important Information

  • All our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles; please do not smoke in them.
  • December/January rental bookings must exceed 14 days
  • Monthly rentals receive 4500km per month
  • Tyre and glass waiver of R25 per day can be taken out.
  • All overdue payments will be charged at R30/day.
  • In the event of damage or loss of the vehicle a claim handling fee of R250 will be billed in addition to a delivery/collection charge.
  • All late returns will be charged at R15/hour.
  • Vehicles should be relatively clean on return:
    Very dirty vehicle (Sand/Mud/Spills) R80
    Abused Vehcile (Needs a full valet/Smells bad) R350
  • Gravel road driving cost R399 (inlcudes wheel alignment and balancing)


All our vehicles are to be driven within the 0km - 250km/400km radius of Cape Town depending on vehicle group.
The travel fee for driving outside the 250km radius on group A and B is R400.

The Travel fee for driving outside 400km on all other vehicles is R400


The renter may cancel the contract with Kirstenhof Car Hire at any time; however there is a small cancellation fee of 25% of the remaining contract.

Roadside Assistance and Accidents

We have 24 hour roadside assistance with Paladin Roadside assist.
Please contact 021 701 0151 or 072 210 2466 in the case of an accident or break down.
In the case of an accident please also contact the local police department so that you can obtain a case number.

In the event of an accident?

Call Kirstenhof Car Hire immediately on 021 701 01 51 or the cell number provided to you when hiring a vehicle.

Should you not be able to contact anyone please call Paladin Road Side Assistance 0860 199 191, Do not use any other towing company unless authorised by Kirstenhof Car Hire.

If another party is Involved:

Please take down the following information.

  1. Full name and surname
  2. Id Number
  3. Home and cellphone number
  4. Physical address
  5. Email address
  6. Vehicle registration number
  7. Vehicle make, model and colour
  8. Take photos if possible
  9. Contact details of any officials at the incident(police, paramedics)
  10. Your location, street name and area(suburb)
  11. Time of the incident
  12. Road conditions
  13. Take note of what happened immediately before or after the accident, for example was the driver drunk, talking on a cellphone or driving to fast.
  14. Report the accident at the nearest police station within 24 hours, if you are injured and cannot report the incident within 24 hours, do so as soon as possible and explain why your report is delayed.
    Note: It is an offense not to report an accident in which another person has been injured or in in which someone else's property has been damaged - even if neither of the parties intends taking legal action.
    Note 2: Do not admit liability for the accident, even if you think that you may have caused it.

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